SERVER IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION! While most features are fleshed out, some things need some more work (e.g. we need more jobs). Please leave feedback if you have any suggestions or comments.

First Join
  • Create Your Character

    • When you first join, you’ll be presented by a Character Creation window
    • Choose a Realistic¬†name, one that is not inappropriate or sounds stupid (i.e. “Kentucy Chicken”)
    • Failure to choose a good name will result in a forced rp name and one will be chosen for you.
    • You may appeal the name and choose your own
  • Download required Mods

    • Thanks to Fangli’s In-Game downloads, you may play as you are downloading required mods for the server.
    • As this is quite a customized server, you may notice that quite a few mods have to be downloaded and mounted
    • Don’t be discouraged, as this should be “fairly” smooth.
  • Orientation

    • Note that finding your way around (assuming you’ve never been on this map) can be a bit challenging.
    • You may hire a Taxi (if drivers are available) to show you around, or refer to the map hanging in the visitor’s center.
    • If all else fails, please ask around or refer to the written guide below.


Quick Rules
  • Try to act more or less SERIOUS.
  • As an officer of the law, DO YOUR JOB.
  • Anyone HACKING of any kind will be BANNED.
  • If you kill someone, you will be arrested.
  • No metagaming. It’s stupid.
  • Global voice chat is off. Use the Phone.
  • Do not block entrances. You will be kicked.
  • Do not be AFK for more than 30 minutes.
  • Do not ignore staff. You will be kicked.
  • Even though it’s serious, have fun.
  • Ask staff or the forums for help if you need.
  • Work hard, play hard. Get money, live rich.


Welcome Center
The Welcome Center is where you’ll first spawn when you join the server, this is also where you’ll spawn if you happen to die. Here you’ll find ATM’s, as well as the Courthouse. Upstairs You’ll find the Mayor’s Office, as well as the Organization Administration that allows you to create Organizations for a fee.


Hoping that Police officers are available, You can find the police station just around the corner from the Welcome Center The Services you’ll find here are, for one, Police Officers willing to help, as well as a Front Desk Assistant willing to take a statement of complaint.


Fire Department & EMS
The Fire Department is home to Rockford’s Fire Fighters and Emergency Medical Service. If you are hurt or on fire, someone’s sure to respond (assuming Firefighters or EMT’s are available).


Surgery & Gender Change
At the Hospital you’ll find the ultimate Body Transformation service. Whether you don’t like your face, look too young/old, or always dreamt of being another gender, you’ll find it here.


Car Dealership
Ranging from Casual to Luxury to Offroad to Commercial, you’ll find a nice selection of vehicles here. Cobs GM also offers Towing and Repair Services if you’re ever in need.


Offering a wide variety of Clothing, Frosty Fashion has everything from Casual Outfits to Fashionable Suits. Don’t be afraid to spend your hard earned cash, as your outfits will be saved to the closet. You can buy a closet from the F4 menu.


While it does say Rockford Foods, it offers so much more than just food. Here you’ll find a Farmer’s Market that supplies equipment and seeds to Farmers, as well as a High Tech BitMiner Store selling BitMiner Machines for making money the legit way. Note, however, that BitMiner machines are very expensive due to the technology involved.


Cars need fuel, and fuel is abundant. Fill up at the Shell Gas Station and find a variety of fuels for any vehicle. You’ll find two Shell Gas Stations around the city. If you run out of gas, make sure to carry a spare jug of fuel, or ask a buddy to bring you some.


Movie Theater
The movie theater always has the latest movies, if the people working there would actually put something nice on for a change.


Club Catalyst & Casino
At Club Catalyst & Casino, you’ll find a lot of people who have a serious gambling problem. Additionally, you’ll find a wide variety (5) of games, ranging from Texas Holdem to Roulette to Slots.


Housing and Properties
Throughout Rockford, you’ll find plenty of places to call your own. You’ll have the choice of temporary apartments that will expire when you leave the server, renting a house for 3 days (It’ll be yours for 3 days and props even get saved!) or buying a house that will be yours until you decide to sell it! Additionally, many businesses and warehouses are for sale as well. You’ll sure find something to fit your taste.