ABOUT PEEPO...or something

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that most of the things that exist in this community, well, don’t.
The servers are temporarily offline while I am getting ready to move back across the country and get ready for a new life and a new job (more like a new job, the life is pretty good I’d say).
Once I’m pretty established with the job, I’d like to throw together a team that can help me get things started again with a bunch of different game servers.

If you’re familiar with what we do and like to play games such as –

  • Garry’s Mod
    • Roleplay
    • Prophunt
    • Building
    • Any other fun gamemode
  • Rust
  • Minecraft
    • FTB
  • Or anything else you can come up with that’s great for team playing

– Feel free to join Discord or the Forums (or both) and let us know.

We’re looking for people that:

  • Can Moderate Forums and Discord
  • Have some GLua knowledge for setting up Garry’s Mod addons
  • Have extensive GLua knowledge for working on new mods
  • Know how to set up Source Dedicated Servers
  • Are Mature enough to know how to not act like a child